Cég Felügyelet Ltd. is a business owned by Hungarian private persons, since 1998 up to present is a liquidator organization.

Since 1998 we are continuously, at high quality, doing the windup, bankruptcy and liquidation of businesses. Our organization operates a system in accordance with the ISO 9001 International Regulation, in the interest of its most effectiveness, with adherence of laws.

Cég Felügyelet Ltd. has branch offices in the capital and in every county.

Our aim is, with high quality service, to be competitive with any of the persons present on the market, we shall do our best to be professionally pleasing towards any and all of our future partners.

Central e-mail address:

Telephone/ fax: 36 1 321 1142, 36 1 312 0554



Head office
1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi utca 14/B Fsz. 1.
Postal address
1447 Budapest, Pf: 483.
36 1 321 1142
E-mail address